Acosta Makes Sarah Sanders Look Like An Idiot After Bold WH Lies


For at least the second time since he’s taken office, Donald Trump has found himself in hot water about his “executive time”. In essence executive time is time he spends not working for the people of the United States. A recent report by Axios shows that Trump spends the majority of his work day in executive time. After Axios’ report the White House has been trying to spin the story in their favor, telling lie after lie to make it sound like Trump is really hard at work for the American people. Today Jim Acosta has called out the White House for their lies.

For those not aware Trump lists his playtime (watching TV, Tweeting, personal calls, etc.) during the day as his “executive time”. Axios received leaked schedules that showed that Trump spends as much as 60 percent of his day in executive time. According to Acosta Kellyanne Conway refuted the leaked schedules and said that the real schedules were only given to a few select people. Acosta didn’t seem to believe that.

Acosta also said that one of his sources in the White House said that Trump does spend a lot of his day watching TV and tweeting, but he also takes and makes calls to a lot of outside advisors. Acosta pointed out that the people who try to reign in Trump, like former Chief of Staff John Kelly, were frustrated that Trump took calls like that. Acosta said that because most of Trump’s executive time happens in his White House residence staffers have no control over what he does and it’s not normal presidential behavior.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders put out a statement that basically said that Trump has a different leadership style which has made him the most productive president in our nation’s history. Acosta said her statement was nothing but spin and that other presidential administrations would highly disagree with Sanders. Acosta went on to say that it’s quite curious that Trump has so much free time on his hands, and that it’s like nothing he’s ever seen covering previous administrations.

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