Trump’s New Ambassador To The UN Outed As A Racist (DETAILS)


Shortly after taking office Donald Trump chose South Carolina’s Nikki Haley to be our ambassador to the UN. Haley must have had a difficult time with the job considering she kept if for less than two years. Well last month the news hit that Trump had chosen Haley’s replacement, and it’s not surprising that he picked conspiracy theory touting racist Heather Nauert to represent this country.

Nauert was a former host of Fox and Friends, and she had some pretty vile ideas about Muslims and how they live. According to CNN’s KFile team Nauert once hosted a panel of blatant Islamophobes who said that

‘Islamic fundamentalists are secretly trying to destroy America by changing the country’s institutions and culture and imposing Sharia law.’

CNN discovered that Nauert appeared on a 2009 Fox webcast entitled “Terror From Within” with notorious Islamophobes Frank Gaffney and Robert Spencer. Nauert started the racist program with this

‘a school of thought that there is a stealthy jihad taking place within the US. And the theory is that some in our country want to destroy our America from within, which they would do by by using our own legal system against us, by undermining our financial system and even taking away our holidays. The fact that we are a PC, politically correct country, well that will only be used against us.’

Everything she was touting about Muslims was incorrect and has been widely debunked. Conservatives have been using arguments like that for years to turn people against Muslims. It’s a fear based tactic used to make conservative voters vote for Republican candidates. Her remarks are incredibly offensive and meant to do nothing but invoke fear.

The people of the United States don’t need someone like Heather Nauert, or Donald Trump for that matter, to represent us to the world. While the vast majority of us are not racist, we certainly don’t need a racist Fox sycophant running our name through the mud with the UN.

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