BREAKING: Leaked Documents Prove Trump & Putin In Cahoots


Donald Trump has a phallic-envy problem. His former personal attorney and self-described fixer Michael Cohen is set to testify before Congress, and he will give evidence about the president’s continuing plans to build the biggest, baddest skyscraper on Moscow skyline.

People have wondered why Trump has blatantly sucked up to Russian president Vladimir Putin both during his presidential campaign and into his presidency. Moscow is one of the U.S.’s worst enemies along with North Korea and China. It attacked the U.S. presidential election. Yet, POTUS continually told his followers and the television cameras that he had absolutely no business with Russia.

In an exclusive, BuzzFeed News just released a group of internal Trump Organization records that detail the president and Putin’s massive real estate deal and their “secret negotiations.” These documents prove that Trump’s claims of the deal sputtering to a close were all lies. Buzzfeed wrote:

‘…the effort to get the tower built was long-running, detail-oriented and directly entwined with the ups and downs of his campaign.’

Congress will want to know from Michael Cohen about Trump’s high-priced luxury real estate project and how he interacted with the powers that be in Russia. After all, Putin has had his hand in every large business venture in the country. Nothing big happens without Putin’s approval.

This 100-story tower would be the best deal of Trump’s career, one where he would earn the most money, and it would be just miles from the Kremlin. The man currently sitting in the Oval Office has wanted this project so badly, that he offered to give Putin a top-floor condominium worth $50 million. Given Trump’s record of being tight with his money, this was a huge offer for him.

Trump has been working on this project for decades, and people thought everything had come to a halt when he became president. They were wrong. The reason Special Counsel Robert Mueller caught Cohen was that the fixer lied about the real estate deal halting in January 2016 — even before Trump became the GOP ‘s frontrunner. Mueller has been investigating Russia’s attack on the 2016 presidential election and the Trump campaign’s conspiracy with Moscow.

Buzzfeed was the first news outlet to obtain the infamous dossier, which has been largely validated. During its investigation into the Russia real estate deal, Buzzfeed discovered a “large trove of:

‘…nonbinding business agreements, architectural renderings, texts, emails, and plans for Trump to travel to Russia to meet Putin offer an unprecedented glimpse inside the negotiations to build the tallest tower in Europe — a deal Trump’s fixers hoped would “help world peace and make a lot of money.”‘

As the president denied at his rallies that he had nothing to do with Russia, his people were fast at work trying to close the deal: Cohen, daughter Ivanka Trump, and associate Felix Sater.

Sater wrote to Cohen noting that on the flip side of this deal, if Putin supported Trump’s candidacy for president:

‘If he says it we own this election.’

Trump’s people tried to use the president’s national and international microphone to secure the deal. POTUS also agreed to leave Syria and to rescind the sanctions that President Barack Obama had placed on Russia for invading Crimea. Trump also drug his feet to implement the sanctions against Russia that the Congress passed with 100 percent of the vote. Then, he cut short the length of those same sanctions.

For an exciting read of Buzzfeed’s documents among many of Trump people about the Russian deal, click on this link.

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.