Eric Trump Calls Ivanka Most Powerful Woman In History & Gets Whooped


Seconds after a rant on Fox & Friends about undocumented migrants from South America, a large number of whom are women with children fleeing violence and poverty, and insisting that they need to stay and raise their children in violence and poverty so the American people won’t have to deal with them, Eric Trump went on another rant about the unfair treatment of his sister, Ivanka, who has “done more for women” than anyone in Washington, D.C.

During a discussion about an art exhibit featuring an Ivanka Trump look-a-like modeling in a pink suit and heels, vacuuming up handfuls of bread crumbs next to a large pile of them, an exhibit into which spectators can throw the bread crumbs to vent their frustration, Trump’s middle son went a bit off the rails, praising his older sister as some kind of misunderstood feminist hero.

‘These leftists called up a modeling agency, saying, ‘You know what, I want to get a nice woman to come stand on a carpet, with a vacuum of all things, so that our people can throw food and crumbs to mimic a powerful woman who has done more for women than probably anyone in Washington, D.C.’

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The art exhibit, the meaning of which clearly sailed right over both Eric’s and Ivanka’s heads, is a metaphor for the position Ivanka and first lady Melania Trump play in the White House. Trump’s abhorrent treatment of women is dressed up by his wife and daughter, both of whom claim to care about women and make insignificant gestures toward those claims. However, neither can clean up the mess Trump is making for women across the world, and their attempts are as much in vain as the Ivanka model’s attempts to clean up handfuls of bread crumbs while ignoring a giant pile of them.

Eric, never one to miss a chance to point out his perceived “hypocrisy” of the left while ignoring the mountains of hypocrisy in his statements, was apoplectic.

‘Think about that hypocrisy. They label themselves the quote, unquote ‘party of women,’ yet they’re throwing food, they’re throwing garbage at a woman on a carpet holding a vacuum cleaner to mimic someone who really does care and who has fought so hard for women.’

His hypocrisy really does know no bounds. Ivanka has been in the White House for just over two years and got there by being Donald Trump’s daughter, not through any real work of her own. Her job before the White House included owning a sweatshop in Indonesia full of abused brown women whose plights don’t concern her as long as her bank account has plenty of money.

Her “feminism” doesn’t seem to include those brown women, nor the ones who are fleeing to safety at the border, nor any of the women who have accused her father of sexual harassment and sexual assault. There are women in Washington, D.C. right now like Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg who have dedicated their lives to the cause of women’s equality. Ivanka is no Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Featured image screenshot via YouTube