Jim Acosta Attacks Trump On Twitter & What He Said Is Mind-Blowing


Jim Acosta is now a household name, thanks to Donald Trump. Due to his continuous attacks on Acosta’s questioning from the White House press pool, Americans either love Jim Acosta with a passion, or they spew the Republican line that he’s a showboater. Either way, everyone who knows anything about politics knows Jim Acosta’s name.

Acosta regularly uses his very active Twitter page to set the nation straight about where the president stands on certain issues, and the tweet he posted today just screams Donald Trump. Acosta said this about an interaction Trump had with a U.S. general:

“Trump is so fixated on building his wall that he told a group of political allies on Monday that he wants to paint a section of current border fencing where it meets the ocean in San Diego, I’m told. Trump complained a general told him that would harm the environment.”

People on Twitter responded immediately to Acosta’s claims. Most understood that Jim Acosta is a well-respected member of the media, and others pretended to know how journalism worked while making total fools of themselves on the internet.

Check out the best reactions below: