Trump Crawls Out Of Bed To Calls For Border Wall Made Of Humans


The president is officially losing his mind. We thought covfefe would be the weirdest thing he’d ever tweet, and honestly, it’s going to be a hard one to top. However, Trump is apparently trying to do just that with the tweet he sent out Tuesday morning about his beloved border wall idea.

The president started off his day by trying to convince the American people that there is a pressure cooker situation at the Mexico border and that we are all in very real danger of being infiltrated by these diseased, criminal thugs. (mainly women and children)

Check out what the derp tweeted just minutes ago:

That’s right. The president of the United States of America wants the citizens of this nation to stand along the border in case anyone tries to get through illegally. Then what? What will the president do when one of his weekend warriors pulls out a legally purchased weapon and starts shooting these unarmed refugees?

He likely hasn’t thought about it or is hoping that that is exactly what will happen.

People responding to the president’s tweet were disgusted by his requests for citizens to man the border while he sits in his ivory tower making demands on Twitter.

Below are the reactions to Trump’s tweet: