Trump Reveals Paint Design For Border Wall Like A Delusional Weirdo


The border wall Trump is hellbent on building would be an ugly stain on America’s long history of welcoming the poor and tired. However, Trump wants to take it a step further, and the idea is absolutely ridiculous and potentially dangerous to the environment.

In a meeting with conservative officials, Trump proposed the idea that the border wall be painted a flat matte black to ward off those considering crossing the border. POLITICO reported:

‘At the get-together, the president also told a story about wanting to paint an existing border structure along the U.S.-Mexico border a matte black color to deter illegal immigrants from crossing into the U.S. He got the idea for the color from his days as a real estate developer.’

The problem with Trump’s idea, however, is the fact the paint could be detrimental to the environment.

‘But his plan was put on ice because painting the structure would first require a study of the potential environmental impacts – an anecdote the president told attendees to illustrate the effects of what he saw as onerous government regulations.’

Where do we even begin with this? Trump’s idea comes from his real estate days. Pretend you’re buying a home. You don’t want to live in a flat black matte painted home. Not to mention, you don’t really want to live next door to a structure painted in such a way, right?

However, this isn’t real estate we’re talking about. We’re talking about a border wall that basically screams, “KEEP OUT.” To even try to dumb it down and use real estate tricks is horribly out of touch. These people aren’t wanting to move in next door to a pretty home. They want freedom from their countries where they face high crime rates and violence. A black wall will not stop someone. Not to mention no wall would stop someone if they truly wanted to make it into America.

Furthermore, Trump has bragged about how he can deliver under budget and quickly. However, when real estate developers do this, people sometimes suffer. It really wouldn’t be reaching to assume Trump would go for some cheap paint that had lead in it or some other dangerous chemical that would affect the environment that we so badly need to protect.

POLITICO reported that the idea was floated at a meeting to go over State of the Union details with other Republicans. POLITICO noted the meeting focused on “choosing greatness” with extra focus on “immigration, American workers, healthcare, the rising cost of prescription drugs and national security.”

Choosing greatness? A black wall is not great. It’s a literal eyesore that is also an embarrassment. America was built by immigrants. Let it noted that we didn’t just come to America nicely. The forefathers came in, took land, brought illness to groups of people who had lived here thousands of years. Though America is our home, it’s not OUR land, and we have no room to erect walls keeping someone out considering we killed entire tribes of people to take their land and move our own selves in.

Featured image via YouTube screenshot.