Trump Tweets Hilariously Clueless Meme Before SOTU, Twitter Strikes Back


After the longest government shutdown in history and in the middle of rapidly growing numbers of investigations into his businesses, charities, campaign, inaugural committee, transition team, and presidential administration, Trump will finally deliver his third State of the Union address on Tuesday night. To rile up his supporters and get them excited to see their racist leader play president, Trump shared one of the most hilariously clueless memes of his Twitter career.

Trump has not ever and does not ever intend to call for unity. In a recent poll of American voters, the only topic they weren’t split on was whether or not the United States is more politically divided now than ever under President Trump. He’ll make some noise reading a teleprompter speech on camera for the SOTU address, but he’ll immediately return to tweeting about how corrupt the Democratic Party is the next morning.

Trump’s approval ratings are nowhere near 48 percent, although Trump prefers polls that make him look at least not quite the disaster he is. Trump’s approval rating for his third SOTU is lower than the past five presidents that gave them. In fact, it’s 40 percent and is the lowest presidential approval rating for any president since 1955 other than President Reagan’s. If Trump was at 48 percent, his approval rating would still be lower than any president’s at this point other than Reagan, even lower than Richard Nixon’s.

The most laughably clueless part of the meme is the reference to the nickname “Teflon Don,” a name most would think Trump would want to avoid. The Teflon Don is a nickname that was given to gangster John Gotti, who avoided charges by the federal government for years because nothing prosecutors used against him would “stick.” Eventually, though, his crimes did catch up with him.

Gotti died in prison serving a life sentence with no possibility of parole. The prosecutor who finally made charges stick was Robert Mueller.

Trump’s bragging got great laughs on Twitter, and then they hit him with their own memes. Check out their responses below:

Featured image via Flickr by Gage Skidmore under a Creative Commons license