Donald Trump Jr. Snaps & Has Humiliating 27-Tweet Wednesday Mega-Rant


On the day after Donald Trump’s third State of the Union address, with damaging stories in the news about three Democratic Virginia lawmakers, Twitter has been a busy site. Perhaps no one has been busier, though, than the president’s oldest son.

It’s not uncommon for Junior to post 27 or more times on Twitter in a single day. He supposedly has a job running the Trump organization’s businesses while his father is in the White House and is the father of five children, but it’s hard to imagine how he gets anything done considering that he seems to spend every moment spreading outrage on social media.

The majority of his Wednesday posts were in reference to the scandals in Virginia, where three top Democrats – the governor, lieutenant governor, and attorney general – are each being asked to resign. After Gov. Terry Northam was revealed to have posed in blackface next to a friend in a KKK uniform, Democrats expected that his lieutenant governor, Justin Fairfax, would replace him. A sexual assault accuser has come forward, however, to end that expectation.

Trump, Jr. shifts from feigning outrage over the stories, saying Democrats are hypocrites since they expected Trump to be criticized when he was accused of sexual assault and Justice Brett Kavanaugh to lose his confirmation battle over his to insisting that the media isn’t covering the story. However, Republicans elected Trump to the White House anyway and Kavanaugh now sits on the Supreme Court. Democrats are furious that Virginia’s leaders are not stepping down.

Right after Junior tweeted and retweeted statements about the media’s hypocrisy in not covering the stories, he tweeted multiple stories from mainstream media outlets who covered the stories.

In addition to those stories, Junior tweeted that one of his father’s 2020 challengers, Kamala Harris, supports human trafficking because she disagrees that a border wall would stop it, then threw in a few tweets about other black women who frighten him, and insisted that his father “unified the nation” with his SOTU speech before calling those who criticized the speech “divisive,” “insane, “nasty,” and “crazy.” His feed is a veritable smorgasbord of hypocrisy and out-of-context statements, as well as some racist and sexist points tossed in the mix.

Donald Trump, Jr. is nothing more than the social media voice his father would like to be.

Featured image via Flickr by Gage Skidmore under a Creative Commons license