New York City Prosecutor Makes Dramatic Donald Trump Investigation Announcement


Possibly the worst thing Donald Trump could have done, considering his history of sham businesses and shady practices, was land in the White House. With investigations into his inaugural committee, campaign, and businesses all underway, as well as some of his actions as president, Trump is finding out the intensity of the public spotlight he’s always craved may not be as fun as he hoped.

Just hours after the announcement that Trump’s inaugural committee is officially being investigated for crimes such as money laundering and accepting donations from foreign nationals, federal prosecutors in New York City requested interviews with executives at the Trump Organization.

CNN reports:

‘Trump and his legal team have long harbored concerns that investigations by New York federal prosecutors — which could last throughout his presidency — may ultimately pose more danger to him, his family and his allies than the inquiry by special counsel Robert Mueller, according to people close to Trump. Prosecutors’ recent interest in executives at Trump’s family company.’

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s mandate is investigating Russian interference into the 2016 presidential campaign and any alleged conspiracy that was carried out between the Trump campaign and Kremlin officials, but evidence of other crimes have been turned over to prosecutors in the state of New York. Once charged, indicted, and facing prison time, many of the criminals that the state investigates end up cooperating with Mueller.

In this case, Trump has already been proven to have committed a crime when he was caught on tape directing his personal attorney to pay off porn stars and Playboy bunnies during the 2016 elections.

‘New York federal prosecutors in recent months have undertaken at least two investigations into Trump-related entities. The first one, which CNN has reported stemmed from the office’s case against Trump’s former personal attorney, Michael Cohen, is examining possible campaign-finance violations by executives at the Trump Organization during the company’s effort to reimburse Cohen for hush-money payments he made or orchestrated to silence women who claimed affairs with Trump. Trump has denied those affairs.’

At this point, the violations of the inaugural committee seem more severe, but the interviews may reveal far more. While building a case against Trump, every stone overturned has mountains of suspicious acts buried underneath.

‘The second investigation concerns the Trump inaugural committee and possible financial abuses related to the more than $100 million in donations raised for his inauguration, CNN has reported…On Monday, prosecutors issued a sweeping subpoena to the committee, requesting documents related to virtually every donor or donation, attendee at a committee event, piece of paperwork related to the legal requirements attached to donations and even “the possibility of” donations made by foreign nationals.’

Featured image via Flickr by Gage Skidmore under a Creative Commons license