Pelosi Emasculates Trump With SOTU Speech Rebuttal That Will Make You Stand & Cheer


For the first time since 2013, Nancy Pelosi sat behind the president during his State of the Union address. It’s unfortunate that this one wasn’t even worthy of her considering her experience and skill in politics. Trump makes shooting everything he says down too easy with his outrageous lies and racist declarations of a crisis at the southern border.

In choosing an adversary while playing political games with the lives of federal workers, the worst person a buffoon like Trump could possibly have ended up facing off with is Speaker Pelosi. At this point in his presidency, he’s a checkers player facing off against a political chess champion.

His threats of a new government shutdown following the longest shutdown in history will be met with the same results he got the first time: the American people and economy will suffer, Pelosi will not budge because she knows better than to give a toddler in a grown man’s body his way no matter how long he holds his breath, and Democrats will not be forced to hand Trump $5.7 billion in taxpayer funding for his racist vanity project. Should

Trump offer statistics and examples that can’t be fact-checked out of existence by anyone with an internet connection, he might be a worthy opponent for the Speaker. However, he’s a conman with a penchant for pathological lying, so Pelosi will clean the floor with him, not only on Twitter, but on the biggest and most public stage of all: Washington, D.C.

Twitter was quick to respond to Pelosi’s warnings. Read some of their comments below:

Featured image screenshot via YouTube