Cindy McCain Busted In A Racist Lie – Police Dept Sets Her Straight


John McCain passed away just 5 months ago, and in that time, we’ve seen Meghan McCain mention her adopted sister from Bangladesh multiple times on The View. She doesn’t speak of her other multiple siblings, but this adopted sister’s minority status apparently speaks to McCain’s exploitative nature so much that she has felt the need to tell the nation her race, and adoptive status, to sort of diminish the right-wing regular, which is racism and bigotry.

Now, Meghan’s mom Cindy is in serious hot trouble for making up a lie, exploiting herself as a savior to minorities, and eventually getting owned by the police who investigated the matter. Meghan’s mom claims that she recently saw a suspicious event at an airport. What was that event? Well, it was a parent with a child of a different race.

Cindy claimed that the woman who had the child was waiting for a man who had purchased the child, and that she had essentially saved the life of this poor minority.

Cindy said this:

One huge problem. Police have reported that Cindy McCain is totally full of it, and that upon investigation of her racist report, found that there was no illegal activity taking place. Imagine that.

As a woman with a brown adopted child, the fact that she could see a mother/child relationship that almost replicates her own without being able to see that very clear fact shows just how entitled and ignorant these people are.

Huffington Post reported this:

“Phoenix police refuted McCain’s allegation on Wednesday. Sgt. Armando Carbajal told KTAR that officers had conducted a welfare check on a child at the airport at McCain’s request but had found “no evidence of criminal conduct or child endangerment.””

Cindy McCain’s ignorance has since gone viral, leading her to release the following tweet:

These are the responses she got on the comment threat of that tweet: