Comey Speaks Out About Recent Blackface Scandals Like A U.S. Hero


Blackface is something that white people just can’t seem to give up on. Whether the intended goal is to oppress, humiliate, or just be stupid, it’s a highly disrespectful act that has dug its way deep down into the bedrock of America.

Recently, Democratic governor of Virginia Ralph Northam admitted to dressing in blackface after a photo surfaced from his 1984 med school yearbook. Northam later said it wasn’t him in the picture and that he would not resign due to the scandal and very public backlash.

Now, former FBI Director James Comey is speaking out about the outrage in a Washington Post Op-Ed in which he said this about the confederate statues remaining in Virginia:

“Every Virginia leader is responsible for the racist symbols that still loom over our lives.”

He continued:

“Expressing bipartisan horror at blackface photos is essential, but removing the statues would show all of America that Virginia really has changed. The statues were only about a certain kind of heritage, just as blackface was about a certain kind of storytelling. It was about hate, not history or art.”

Thank you, Comey!