Harris & Biden Just Had A Close Encounter That Went Viral In Seconds


Kamala Harris is a force to be reckoned with. In a very short time, she has gone from a senate candidate, to a senator, to possible frontrunner for Democratic nominee for the seat of president of the United States. Not only would Harris be the first woman in the Oval Office, but she would be the first black woman, and the second black person in history to hold the POTUS title.

Joe Biden is a beloved former vice president of the United States who served under President Obama. He is known for his old school bipartisanship, and no apologies personality. Right now, Americans who are severely grieving the loss of Barack are aching for Biden to throw his hat into the race to unseat Donald Trump.

Thursday, Harris and Biden were spotted together on an Amtrak train, causing a whirlwind of rumors about a possible 2020 ticket collaboration. Check them out below:

Senator Harris’ sister also got a picture of the pair, which she captioned:┬áJust another Thursday on !

People responding to Maya Harris’ tweet went berserk over the possibilities that this encounter could provide. Like, what are they talking about? How close are they? Have they floated the idea of Biden being Harris’ running mate? Is Harris/Biden 2020 going to blow our minds?

Check out the best responses to Maya’s tweet below: