Pelosi Responds To Trump’s AM Twitter Rants Like A True Leader (VIDEO)


The president started off his day with a 4-tweet rant about the alleged witch hunt he now claims is coming from Democrats who are investigating all the things Republicans ignored while they were in power. Trump is having a hard time accepting his new fate, and his frustration could clearly be seen on his Twitter page.

Nancy Pelosi, however, is having a great week. She is being memed all over the internet after her ultra shady applause at Trump’s State Of The Union address Tuesday. The entire world was watching her faces much more than they were watching the president, and he is not very happy about it.

Pelosi isn’t bothered, however, and has even responded to Trump’s morning tweets like the true boss lady she is. This is what Nancy had to say Thursday morning:

“Let me just say… I am not commenting on what the president has to say about our work. I always think whatever the president says about us, he’s projecting his own unruliness. He’s a projector and that’s what it’s about.”

She continued:

“I’m very proud of the work of our committees. Even Republicans have complimented the committees for being wise in how they proceed, in terms of subpoenas and the rest. We will not surrender our constitutional responsibilities for oversight — that would make us delinquent in our duties.”

Check out the video:

Check out the responses to the tweet above, they don’t disappoint: