Trump Holds 2019 National Prayer Breakfast & Humiliates Himself Instantly


The president has had a rough week. After Democrats made more headlines than he did during his State of the Union address, Trump has taken some recovery time to repair his fragile ego enough to embarrass himself again in front of the entire nation.

Thursday morning, the 2019 National Prayer Breakfast was held, and the president certainly didn’t disappoint the people waiting for more of his utter lies and bullsh*t.

Check out what Trump had to say in the video of the event:

The president seemed almost sedated as he read from the teleprompter with zero enthusiasm. This is unlike any speech we’ve seen the president give. Could it be that the pressure-cooker created by Democrats is finally getting to him? Could it be the countless investigations into his life and finances? Either way, he is slipping.

The people responding to the tweet above were in agreement that the president is just stupid. Check out the best reactions below: