Trump Tweets Video Of Ivanka Being Plastic As Hell & It’s Hilarious


Does anyone remember when Trump said “Nobody respects women more than Donald Trump” on his way to the White House in 2016?

Today, Trump took to Twitter to back-up his statements by proclaiming that he signed a Presidential Memorandum ‘launching’ the Women’s Global Development and Prosperity Initiative (or WGDP).

Per the page, dedicated to this initiative, Ivanka Trump is quoted as saying:

‘Investing in women is vital for our collective economic prosperity and global stability. When we empower women, communities prosper and countries thrive.’

So, is the move political and pointless, or do Donald Trump and his notoriously anti-woman administration really believe that women are an essential sector that makes up the overall American workforce?

From attacking women’s reproductive rights to policies that separate children from their mothers, as much as one would love to believe that his signature on the WGDP is something worth applauding, it’s hard for anyone to take this president seriously when history has proven time and time again just how much he dislikes women. The website is littered with quotes from Ivanka Trump is a pretty clear indicator that the Trump administration has, once again, turned to their token chess piece for issues pertaining to women and families. Does Ivanka even realize she’s being used this way?

Per American Progress in regards to the Trump administration’s attack on women:

‘Despite repeated promises that President Trump and his administration would invest in and empower women, President Trump’s actions have made it clear that he and his team are completely out of touch with the needs of today’s working families.

‘From attacking health care and undermining women’s legal rights to elevating out-of-touch, regressive nominees to key positions, President Trump reveals his fundamental lack of understanding of the myriad challenges women face and how they are interrelated.’

100 days into Trump’s presidency, American Progress created a huge brief on the Trump administration’s anti-women and anti-women rights policies. If you click here, you can view the list which is too extensive to include here.

Trump touted his “accomplishments” in regards to women in the workforce during Tuesday’s State of the Union address. The actual working women on Capitol Hill had quite a response.

Here are some of the best replies on Twitter to Trump’s tweet:

Featured image via YouTube screenshot.