White House Releases News On Trump’s Diet After Medical Exam


In what was arguably the most hilarious moment of Donald Trump’s early presidency, an actual doctor stood in front of the American public and said that Trump was “the healthiest president ever elected.” Not only is that visibly untrue, Trump wasn’t elected, anyway.

Trump, who suffers from high cholesterol, heart disease, and borderline obesity, was instructed by his doctor to go on a strict diet and get more exercise. A White House official admitted that he hasn’t followed that advice. The admission surprised absolutely no one.
CNN reports:
‘The President famous for his love of fast food was reluctant to change his eating habits or use the White House fitness room that his most recent predecessors had used to stay in shape. But then he tasted the Dover sole prepared by the White House chefs.
“‘He was like, “Sh**, I have to eat healthy?” And then he had this delicious Dover sole prepared at the White House and he really liked it,” one White House official said.’

The only surprise is that Trump admits he’s doing nothing to improve his health. Exercise is not exactly his strong suit; while overseas with world leaders at the G20, he failed to walk with them in honor of Armistice Day. He has famously ridden along in a golf cart at other walking events.

‘A little more than a year later, Trump will undergo his second physical exam as President on Friday at the Walter Reed military hospital. As he prepares for the battery of tests to evaluate his physical health, sources close to him say he has stuck with some minor changes to improve his diet. But an exercise regimen? That’s remained elusive for the 72-year-old President.
‘”The President received a diet and exercise plan last year after his annual physical, but the President admits he has not followed it religiously,” said Hogan Gidley, the principal deputy White House press secretary.’

When asked about his plans to exercise and change his health regimen, Trump brushed off concerns, explaining that he walks to the building next door to the White House. That, he says, is enough exercise.

‘White House aides, though, were confident that Trump had not followed his doctor’s advice on exercise. Asked in a Reuters interview last summer about whether he was getting exercise, the President pointed to his infrequent walks from the White House to the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, a stone’s throw away.
‘”I get exercise. I mean I walk, I this, I that,” Trump said. “I run over to a building next door. I get more exercise than people think.”’

While aides did say that Trump has tried eating healthier foods on doctor’s orders, he’s also still prone to demanding fast food and takeout from the Trump hotel. His diet preferences appear to be hamburgers, fried chicken, and steaks, or in other words, cholesterol and fat.

‘Trump has also summoned takeout food from his hotel, which aides or household staff collect and bring back to the White House, according to a person familiar with the orders. Those meals are also typically well-done steaks.’
Featured image screenshot via YouTube