House Committee Members Erupt Into Shouting Match During Whitaker Hearing


The Senate Judiciary Committee hearing for Trump’s acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker has been going on all morning, with Whitaker seemingly thinking he can just stall his way out of answering any questions. His ridiculous antics have led to some pretty high tensions in the room as Democrats quickly become fed up with the theme of today’s hearing.

Those tensions led to a fray between Republican Doug Collins and Democrat Eric Swalwell after Collins spent the entire morning doing more to defend Matt Whitaker than Whitaker’s own attorneys.

The ruckus started when Collins interjected in Swalwell’s questioning about an organization that Whitaker was involved with prior to joining Trump’s team, and if that organization had ever received money from a foreign donor.

Collins spoke up for Whitaker:

“This is outside the scope of this hearing. This is not when he was employed here.”

Swalwell’s response was pretty amazing. He said:

“Mr. Collins, if you want to sit down there with his lawyers, you can go sit down there. But you’re not his lawyer.”

That’s when Collins, who had showboated his way through the entire hearing, had the nerve to suggest that Swalwell was putting on a show in order to gain supporters for the 2020 presidential race. Collins embarrassed himself when he said:

“Neither are you, Mr. Swalwell, and if you asked questions that are actually part of this instead of running for president we could get this done.”

Whitaker himself finally answered the question. He basically said maybe:

“I do not believe, as I sit here today, that it did. Our main donor was a U.S. entity.”