JUST IN: Robert Mueller Drops Friday Gag Order Announcement


There is possibly no worse punishment for Trump’s longtime friend and former campaign official, Roger Stone, than silencing him. As a judge in his case deliberates on whether or not a gag order is appropriate in his case, Special Counsel Robert Mueller has weighed in and Stone and his attorneys are furious.

Asked for a response in whether the judge in Stone’s case should impose a limited gag order, Mueller’s court filing supported it as a way to ensure a fair and impartial jury.

‘The government does not oppose a narrowly-tailored order in this case restricting extrajudicial statements of the parties and attorneys that are substantially ‘likely to interfere with the rights of the accused to a fair trial by an impartial jury.’

Seemingly working on prior evidence from indicted Trump associates, Mueller said in his filing that Stone and his attorneys would most likely only serve to make his prosecution more difficult, and considering Stone’s penchant for making public statements casting doubt on the credibility of investigators rather than addressing the charges or evidence against him, Mueller’s assessment is a fair one.

‘Further, should the Court decide to issue such an order, the government submits that the order would be supported by a finding that there is a substantial likelihood that extrajudicial comments by trial participants will undermine a fair trial.’

Stone’s attorneys, on the other hand, recognize that while public statements made on either side could compromise the ability to hold a fair trail, insisting that there’s no way to hold a fair trial may be their clients only chance. Stone’s attorneys responded to the possibility of a limited gag order by saying:

‘Roger Stone is entitled to speak as he wishes unless it can be established, by clear and convincing evidence, that a clear and present danger to the seating of an impartial jury is presented.’

Stone also expressed his disapproval of a gag order by saying:

‘We’ll deal with that when it comes. I would point out that I make a living writing and speaking about politics. I would hope that the court would take that into consideration.’

Featured image screenshot via YouTube