Roger Stone Hit With Lawsuit Alleging Attempted Murder


Roger Stone’s world just keeps falling apart. Not long after his scheme to conceal his true connections to Wikileaks collapsed via a wide-ranging indictment from Special Counsel Robert Mueller, one of his old allies has now sued him, alleging that Stone attempted to inflict emotional distress to the point of sparking heart attacks and strokes.

Jerome Corsi’s lawyer Larry Klayman laid out the case in a filing this past Thursday in D.C. area federal court:

‘Plantiff Corsi is 72 years old. Defendant Stone’s intentional infliction of emotional distress and coercion and threats are intended to try, even cause plantiff Corsi to have heart attacks and strokes in order that plantiff will be unable to testify at Stone’s criminal trial.’

Corsi explains that he’s faced a campaign to “smear, defame, intimidate and threaten him” that’s been peppered with references and allusions to the Mafia and former President Richard Nixon, driving home a sense that Stone was threatening him.

It’s not the first time that Stone has been faced similar allegations in this very same case. His indictment references two individuals, and although their names are left out of the document, we know them to be Corsi and Randy Credico, a journalist who was formerly an associate of Stone.

Stone sought to weave a story of him only coming in contact with Wikileaks through Credico’s radio show, which hosted the organization’s founder Julian Assange at one point and would thereby indicate less nefarious, behind-the-scenes maneuvering on Stone’s part. It’s not as though Credico kept his radio show a secret.

In reality, however, Stone had been seeking to grow a connection to Wikileaks for months prior to Credico speaking with Assange. In mid-2016, he tried to get Corsi to patch through a request for stolen Democratic emails supposedly covering the Clinton Foundation from Wikileaks, at which time he also connected with the Trump campaign, which stayed in touch with him about future rounds of stolen emails after some from Wikileaks actually showed up.

Stone sought to cover all of these machinations up in part through going so far as to literally threaten Credico’s dog, behavior which is outlined in his indictment as part of the driver for his charge of witness tampering. He’s also charged with obstruction of justice and lying to Congress.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has already proven he’s open to handing down superseding indictments if further criminal behavior from a target shows up, so depending on the legitimacy of Corsi’s case against Stone, it wouldn’t be far-fetched to suggest the former Trump adviser could face additional charges.

Ironically, Corsi has himself proven adversarial to Mueller in the past, having gone so far as to file a lawsuit seeking hundreds of millions of dollars in damages over alleged illegal surveillance and leaks. Corsi has said that Mueller’s team offered him a plea deal over a charge of lying to investigators, which he’s rejected, denying he was guilty.

None of that back-and-forth, however, apparently kept the now infamous conspiracy theorist from now turning on Stone anyway.

Featured Image via YouTube screenshot