Trump Hobbles Out Of Bed For Pre-Dawn Cry About Dems Abusing Whitaker


The president is completely off his rocker. That is evident by simply going to his social media account and reading the long list of complaints, rants, attacks, and fake presidential messages. Trump likes to spend his mornings binge watching cable news, then raving about what was broadcast on Twitter.

Today is no different, as Trump has already begun his morning Twitter madness. Check out what he just tweeted below about the hearing held yesterday to question Trump’s unqualified acting AG, Matt Whitaker:

Trump is whining about the treatment of acting AG Matt Whitaker by the Senate Judiciary Committee on Friday. Throughout the hearing, Whitaker did everything he could to duck and dodge the line of questioning, leading Democrats to become agitated and demand he stop acting a fool.

The hearing was a complete sham that led Senate Judiciary Dems to threaten Whitaker with a subpoena to get the answers to their questions by the end of the hearing.

People on Twitter agree that Trump, like Whitaker, is completely full of it. Check out the best responses to Trump’s tweet below: