Surprise Donald Trump Impeachment Vote Announced By Newly Empowered Democrat


Moving into the third year of the Trump presidency, many Americans are wondering what it will take to finally rid the country of the bigoted, misogynistic commander-in-chief. Rep. Al Green (D-TX) has tried twice to oust Trump and has announced an upcoming third attempt to bring Congress to its senses.

Republicans are confused and dismissive of Green’s tie-in between the current blackface scandal in Virginia and his announcement of another impeachment attempt of Trump. However, he’s explained his thoughts on the matter quite plainly.

According to Newsweek, Green said:

‘You have in Virginia, a clansman and blackface next to each other in a yearbook. It has been acknowledged as that of the governor. There is enough evidence not only to ask that governor resign but to demand that he do so…But I understand why this level of bigotry is going to be tolerated to a certain extent because we don’t want to take on the president. If we allow the president to exist with his bigotry, how can we demand with any degree of credibility that the governor resign?’

As long as Trump is in office, Gov. Ralph Northam is not the country’s biggest problem. Northan needs to resign or be impeached, but it’s a difficult sell as long as an even more blatant bigot resides in the White House. After centuries of trying to cleanse the country of the ills of racism, Green says it’s time that our legislators put aside party differences and acted together to make change.

‘We’ve had 400 years to deal with it and we haven’t. What better way to deal with bigotry in this country than to say to the world we will extricate a president from office for his bigotry?’

Although others are waiting for the release of the Mueller report and have preached caution in the approach to Trump, Green has no such reservations and says that the Trump/Russia probe is far from the only reason to impeach the president.

‘There will be a vote on impeachment regardless as to what the Mueller Commission says. Bigotry in policy will not be tolerated.’

Featured image screenshot via YouTube