Meghan McCain’s Job On ‘The View’ In Jeopardy After Outburst (VIDEO)


Meghan McCain will insist that she’s being judged unfairly for her political viewpoints, but it’s more likely her tendency to throw tantrums that make viewers tired of seeing her on The View.

Insiders say that the producers of The View are starting to agree. After a recent episode dissolved into an onscreen argument, McCain reportedly complained to producers that her co-host, Joy Behar, was treating her unfairly and not allowing her to speak.

‘The View producers are siding with Joy Behar amid her nasty on-air feud with Meghan McCain, can reveal exclusively.

‘McCain, 34, exploded at producers Monday over what she claimed was “unfair treatment” from her co-host Behar, 76.’

The argument began during a Friday episode in which Behar was reading a Trump tweet aloud so that the panel could discuss it. McCain broke in during Behar’s reading, and Behar asked McCain to let her “get through this” before commenting on it.

McCain then waited until everyone else had spoken before saying:

‘Can I say something now? Is that okay? Do I have permission to speak now on Amy Klobuchar now? We’re all good?’

She then launched into what sounded like a well-planned tirade before something off-camera stopped her. “By all means, Joy. Please continue.

Behar replied that if McCain was going to have a “hissy fit,” they wouldn’t be able to continue. And then the co-hosts moved on to another subject while McCain had little to offer for the rest of the episode.

The two have had on-screen feuds before, but it seems other people involved in the show are getting tired of the tantrums and meltdowns.

Featured image screengrab via YouTube