Trumps Flips During Weird Love Fest, Rants About Executing Babies


There’s one thing for certain we can always depend on Donald Trump to do a lot of…and that’s to lie. This guy lies more than any other president in our nation’s history. At the rally he put on tonight it was one bold faced lie after another. Most of his lies are boiler plate type of lies, but one of them was quite sickening. He claimed that Democrats were allowing children to be born, wrapped up nice and neat, placed in their mother’s arms, and then executed. If he truly believes something like that occurs, maybe he really does have dementia like has been widely suspected.

What he’s twisting around has to do with something Virginia’s Governor, Ralph Northam, said about terminally ill fetus’ being born. Northam said that when a terminally ill child was born, doctors and parents would do everything in their power to make the baby comfortable before it passed on. After he said that a bunch of despicable conservatives, Trump being one of them, turned his words around and claimed that Democrats wanted to kill already born babies.

Why do conservatives have to lie so much? Why do they always try to lead by fear? Well that’s an easy one…they use lies and fear to drive people who don’t know any better to the polls. If they spoke the truth about how Democrats govern compared to the way Republicans govern, well then we’d never be saddled with another Republican politician.

Trump’s rallies, which are really a combination of a love fest and a standup comedy routine, are getting scarier by the day. The amount of lies he tells is unfathomable. What’s really scary about them though is that anyone would be dumb enough to fall for anything he says…now that’s terrifying.

Feature Image Screenshot via YouTube