Trump Converts Room In White House To Golf Course So He Can Play Every Day (DETAILS)


When Trump was running for the presidency, he swore he’d work nonstop, and for years he criticized President Obama for golfing. The thing is though he’s already out-golfed Obama. That’s not an exaggeration either. He’s golfed more than Obama, for sure. And now, he’s going to be playing even more golf after an addition he’s made to the White House.

The Washington Post reported Trump has had a new golf-simulator installed in the White House. They report it is the size of a room.

‘President Trump has installed a room-sized “golf simulator” game at the White House, which allows him to play virtual rounds at courses all over the world by hitting a ball into a large video screen, according to two people told about the system.’

To be fair, there was already a golf simulation installed in the White House; however, this one is newer and cost a whopping $50,000. Sources indicated Trump did pay for the system personally, though.

This comes after Trump’s personal schedule was leaked, which revealed he spends 60 percent of his time doing things labeled under “executive time.” No. Executive time does not involve important presidential activities. It involves “watching TV, tweeting, holding impromptu meetings and making phone calls.” Trump apparently does not start his day until 11 a.m. according to Axios.

When asked about his executive time, Trump said he was usually working during this time.

‘When the term Executive Time is used, I am generally working, not relaxing.’

Unless you’re coming up with solutions to keep the government open, you’re not working while watching television and tweeting.

Let’s just establish something. It’s okay to have hobbies that help you relax or decompress. Everyone should have one especially if they have a stressful career. According to the Washington Post, Richard Nixon had a bowling alley installed, and Obama had a basketball court and his own golfing simulator.

However, when you spend 60 percent of your time doing things that involve watching television and tweeting, you’re not really working.

If an average Joe went to his job and spent 60 percent of his time goofing off, he’d be fired. Furthermore, if a business owner spent 60 percent of their time doing anything but hustling for their business, they wouldn’t have a business. However, Trump is playing president, goofs off 60 percent of the time, and expects to make America great again. That’s not even remotely realistic especially when you have a border crisis, the threat of government shutdown, and the emboldening of racists across the country.

How much time will Trump put in at his virtual golf course? There’s no telling. However, it is funny that he would install a new simulator after the government shutdown. He was reported to have complained about not being able to golf. During winter and the government shutdown, he managed to go 69 days without golfing. With his simulator though, there’s a good possibility he won’t have to worry about the optics of golfing during another crisis.

Trump promised he was a president for the working man. However, the working man actually works.

Featured image screenshot via YouTube.