AOC & Ilhan Omar Hit Back Hard In Response To New GOP Budget


The U.S. government is on the edge of a national emergency and the uncertain outcome of what that means. In the meantime, four freshman progressive members of the House have moved through Congress with the purpose and brilliant determination of a fast-moving fire. They are Ilhan Omar (D-MN), Rashida Tlaib (D-MI), Ayanna Pressley (D-MA), and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY). They just released a statement opposing the budget that just passed.

These new representatives have raised eyebrows on the other side of the aisle with some of their ideas, but Republicans discount them at their own peril. The women’s statement came as a surprise to many. In it, the women explained why they voted no to the border funding agreement that came out of bipartisan negotiations.

They were specifically opposed to funding the Department of Homeland’s agencies such as Customs and Border Protection (CBP), Immigration, and Ice (Immigration and Customs Enforcement. The reason was was three-fold. The Trump administration has weaponized ice, “separated thousands of children,” and terrorized “immigrant communities:

‘The Department of Homeland Security has separated thousands of children from their parents, denied asylum to those fleeing danger, and used taxpayers’ dollars as a slush fund to incite terror in immigrant communities. By any reasonable measure, Donald Trump’s weaponization of ICE and CBP has been a failure. The Department of Homeland Security does not deserve an increase in funding, and that is why we intend to vote no on this funding package.’

Congress pressed the negotiations right up to the edge of the deadline on Friday before it passed. The president has several options after declaring a national emergency. He can shut down the government again, which dropped Trump like a rock in the polls. He could accept the deal, which appears likely or send everyone back for negotiations. Of course, knowing how erratic the commander-in-chief is there could be another unimagined option.

The result of the bipartisan conference committee’s negotiations has cut out $1.375 billion in the budget for agencies under DHS. The four women’s no votes did not keep the budget from passing out of the House, but they stated their objections.

The result of the negotiations has $7.6 for Ice and $14.9 billion for Customs and Border Protection, which included $500 million to assist the legal refugees. That money could increase deportations and detentions. There was nothing for a concrete barrier, but enough to finance 55 miles of fencing or see-through iron slats, which Trump has said would be harder to climb than Mt. Everest — certainly one of his exaggerations.

The four new representatives noted that their no votes were to reject Trump’s “hateful policies, priorities, and rhetoric:”

‘We want to be abundantly clear: this is not a rebuke of federal workers or those who depend on the services they provide, but a rejection of the hateful policies, priorities, and rhetoric of the Trump Administration.’

Trump has indicated that he wants to sign the deal. However, two out of three of the ultra-conservative media personalities have been urging him to forego signing.

The Democrats credit Trump’s clear racism against refugees fleeing the gang violence in Central America for helping them win in the midterm elections. For these migrant’s futures if they remained in their own country, either their children would be drawn into the gangs or members of their family would easily be killed.

POTUS has yanked children out of the arms of their mothers, one who was nursing, without any regret or compassion of any kind.

Democrats and independents across the country have seen exactly who and what are in the people’s White House.

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.