Pelosi Responds To Trump’s National Emergency Declaration In Seconds


Nancy Pelosi is at it again, which has Donald Trump wishing his next two years were going to be as easy as his first two years right about now. Before, the president got away with literal murder, but ever since Democrats took control of the House on January 3rd, Trump has been seeing a lot of Nancy Pelosi.

Thursday, Trump declared a national emergency at the souther border when there is, in fact, no emergency at all. Reports coming from areas near the border say nothing could be further from the truth, and statistics show that the majority of smuggling comes through legal ports of entry.

Minutes later, Nancy Pelosi announced on her Twitter page that she would be holding a press conference momentarily. You can see that interaction below:

Nancy has really exceeded the expectations of all the people who wanted someone younger to take the position of House Speaker. People responding to Pelosi’s tweet went ballistic over this sudden political superstar. Check out the best reactions below: