Acosta Clashes With Trump On LIVE TV – Donald Loses (VIDEO)


Trump announced a fabricated national emergency on the southern border Friday morning while addressing reporters at the White House and being broadcast around the world. With most of the nation well aware that nothing has changed on the border, Trump made a fool of himself, and got called out by his archenemy, CNN’s Jim Acosta.

Acosta called bullshit on the president’s border lies, asking Trump:

“I wonder if you could comment on this disconnect that we seem to have in this country where you are presenting information about what’s happening at the border. calling it an invasion, talking about women with duct tape over their mouths and so on, yet there is a lot of reporting out there, a lot of crime data out there, there is a lot of Department of Homeland Security data out there, that shows border crossings at a near record low.”

Trump didn’t even let Acosta finish before he began spewing his usual lies that “massive” amounts of people are still coming across the border. Acosta rebutted by reiterating the facts, “undocumented immigrants commit crimes at lower levels than native-born Americans.”

Trump responded with:

“You don’t really believe that, do you? Do you really believe that? Look at our federal prisons.”

Acosta shot back:

“I believe in facts and statistics. What do you say to your critics who say that you are creating a national emergency? That you are concocting a national emergency here to get your wall?”

Trump lost it at that point, saying:

“What do you think? Do you think I am creating something? Your question is a very political question because you have an agenda. You are CNN, fake news. You have an agenda.”

“The numbers that you gave are wrong. Take a look at our federal prison population. See how many of them percentage-wise are illegal aliens. Just see. Go ahead and see. It’s a fake question.”

See the interaction below: