Nancy Pelosi Evokes The Power Of Twitter To Get Trump’s Attention


Just a few hours ago Trump declared that he’ll be signing the long-awaited national emergency declaration. A surprise to no one, in seeing how Trump has been talking about it for months now, using the two words ‘national’ and ’emergency’ like a 5-year old would use a newly-discovered bad word.

Trump amped up his threat to declare a national emergency before he made his publicity stunt visit to the Mexico border in Texas on January 10.

Even before that, on January 4, he made the threat of using a national emergency to get the funding he wants for his border wall.

Today, February 15, Trump has finally announced that he plans to sign a national emergency declaration in addition to his signing off for government spending to keep it from closing as well as for other border security appropriations.

In remarks made today, Trump said, in part:

‘I’m going to be signing a national emergency, and it’s been signed many times before, by many presidents. It’s rarely been a problem … nobody cared.’

Here is the section of his comments that pertain to signing the national emergency:

Trump stated today while he is signing the declaration, he expects legal action. He was not wrong, as the move today is receiving harsh criticism from both Democrats and Republicans.


‘Already, it has sparked a fierce debate over executive authority, as critics argue Trump has manufactured a crisis to fulfill a campaign promise that was thwarted by Congress.’

On Twitter, shortly after the president’s comments, the hashtag ‘#FakeTrumpEmergency‘ emerged and has since been used by key political players such as Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi.

Schumer’s tweet:

Here are some of the best replies via Twitter:

Peolsi spoke on the pretend emergency yesterday before it was even official and warned The Donald what would happen, as a result. She did not leave leagal action off of the table. Check it out.

Featured image via YouTube screenshot.