Trump Inaugural Committee Hit With Subpoena From NJ Investigators


No matter how desperately he tries to pull himself free, the walls just keep closing in around President Donald Trump. The committee that handled his inauguration has now received a second subpoena, and it would probably be safe to assume that there’s little to no precedent for this scope of corruption in United States history. Not even his inauguration is clean!

New Jersey state Attorney General Gurbir Grewal issued the second subpoena as part of a civil investigation being carried out by his agency’s┬áConsumer Protection Division, according to a spokesperson for the inaugural committee itself, who also confirmed the committee was “in contact” with the state about the investigation.

The state attorney general’s office declined to comment when pressed by ABC, although the subpoena’s association suggests that authorities could suspect some kind of consumer fraud. There’s no immediately apparent indication of what could have sparked their concern. The subpoena they issued could snowball into a civil lawsuit against the committee, ABC explains, which would only add to a growing mountain of similar pushes against Trump, one of his associated organizations, or one or more of his associates.

It’s not the first legal scrutiny the Trump inauguration committee in particular has faced. In recent weeks, they got slapped with a subpoena from federal authorities in Manhattan, who are investigation on reported suspected money laundering, conspiracy against the United States, and beyond. They sought wide swaths of information, including some related to donors and their money. Concern seems to include the question of whether or not foreign money illegally flowed into the inauguration and whether or not donors got improper kickbacks for their contributions, among other things.

No matter what exact area concerns New Jersey authorities, this isn’t the first time they’ve taken Trump on. Grewal’s office launched an investigation into Trump’s golf club in Bedminster after reports of immigration fraud and racist harassment emerged. According to current and former undocumented immigrant employees, the establishment helped them falsify their immigration status and then held that status over them in harassment.

In the time since the first stories surfaced, undocumented immigrant Trump Organization employees have been abruptly fired, and some of them have taken their case to Capitol Hill, where they met with leaders including both of New Jersey’s U.S. Senators, Cory Booker and Robert Menendez, both of whom are Democrats.

That incident and its fallout are hardly the only issues facing the Trump team.

The inauguration festivities that have attracted so much scrutiny were some of the largest cost-wise in modern American history, doubling the previous record set by Barack Obama’s first inauguration. Millions upon millions went either into the Trumps’ own coffers via the committee patronizing the Trump hotel in D.C. or the pockets of Trump friends and associates like Melania Trump’s friend Stephanie Wolkoff and Brad Parscale, who’s now serving as Trump’s 2020 campaign manager.

Trump may have hoped to distract from all of this scandal via his abrupt announcement this week that he’d be declaring a national emergency and trying to use subsequent executive authority to get his long sought border wall blocking off Mexico built.

It’s not working.

Featured Image via YouTube screenshot