Trump Speaks In Broken English To Mock Chinese During AM Speech


The president is addressing the nation this morning regarding his declaration of a national emergency that no one can see or feel. Putting aside his usual television binge partnered with the typical Twitter rants, Trump is trying something different this morning.

His “emergency” is nothing more than a political ploy to get funding for his useless border wall. Trump is abusing his power as president, and abusing the standard for what constitutes a national emergency. In the past, emergencies have been declared for tragedies like hurricanes and 9/11, but certainly, the record-low number of immigrants crossing the Mexican border into the U.S. is suddenly endangering the lives of millions.

People around the world are laughing at the president for such a bold and foolish move, but others worry about the precedent this sets for future leaders. Will other presidents use a national emergency whistle to get whatever they want when Congress and the Senate blocks them? Say, could a Democratic president do that for gun control? Climate change? To tax the rich? This has sensible Republicans whining about possibly having to pay their fair share in the future.

Trump was his typical self this morning; an elderly, out-of-touch boar of a man who appears to be mentally unfit to even speak to the country, let alone run it. Trump went as far as to mock President Xi of China by quoting him in broken english like an uneducated hillbilly.

Check him out below:

Trump even tweeted the video with delusional pride:

People are responding to the tweet above just how you’d expect. Look at the best reactions to Trump’s speech below: