Joe Biden Takes A Stand For Women After Politicians Desert Them


Yesterday former Vice President Joe Biden called for Congress to officially reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act, or VAWA. This comes after the measure’s funding was nowhere to be found in a compromise spending bill aimed at averting Trump’s second government shutdown on Friday.

In part, Biden tweeted:

‘When I wrote the Violence Against Women Act in 1994, I believed it would be a lifeline. But this Congress has turned it into a political football. It’s time to pass a strong reauthorization to the Violence Against Women Act. No more stalling. Lives are on the line.’

Here is the continuation of Biden’s tweets about VAWA:

House and Senate negotiators earlier in the week had decided to ditch funding for VAWA in a spending package that was part of what was presented in Congress. While Democrats left an extension for the act’s funding out of the broad, overall funding package, according to CNN, Democrats are planning on a complete overhaul of the legislation later in the year.

On Wednesday, Republican Rep. Kevin McCarthy stated that the GOP does desire to extend the legislation, telling reporters at a news conference:

‘We do not want to have VAWA … expire. We want to extend it out, that will become a question down, hopefully Speaker Pelosi would not want to have VAWA expire, which would be on Friday. That’s why we would like to add that and make sure it’s in.’

While the plan was ditched, in the end, Democrats have the upper hand and as stated above, will now have the chance to revamp the law. On Thursday on Capitol Hill, a Democratic aide stated via email:

‘We expect a full re-authorization bill will be introduced next month.’

The aide also insisted that while it isn’t currently being extended, there will be no impact.

Featured image via YouTube screenshot.