Puerto Rico Gov. Responds To Emergency Declaration With Legal Threat


This week, President Donald Trump proved his fierce commitment to his agenda yet again with the revelation that he would be declaring a national emergency in an effort to get his border wall built. Soon after, Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rossello indicated that his administration could join legal action against the White House over the move, sharing in response to a previous Trump claim that Mexico would pay for the southern border wall:

‘Is it now Puerto Rico and California (American Citizens) that will pay for the wall? If this is the case, we’ll see you in court.’

Previously, reports have circulated that the White House was looking at redirecting money towards the wall that had been set aside as disaster relief for Puerto Rico and California, whose Attorney General Xavier Becerra has already indicated he too would launch legal action against the Trump administration in the case of a national emergency declaration. He asserted as much during his response to Trump’s recent State of the Union address.

The showdown caps off weeks of negotiations over border security meant to keep the government open by avoiding the president again refusing to approve any further funding without the billions he wants for his wall. In a similar situation that began late last year, Trump kept the government closed for a month because Congressional Democrats wouldn’t agree to fund the wall.

Trump has now signed legislation to keep the government open without billions included for his wall — but he’s also formally announced his national emergency declaration with a contentious press conference outside the White House.

To be clear, there is no national emergency at the southern border of the sort Trump claims. The president has insisted that caravans are marching towards the border to invade the United States — his words — when in reality, groups fleeing violence including plenty of women and children are seeking asylum in the U.S.

Trump’s solution to the “humanitarian crisis” that he sometimes acknowledges is to put up a wall, since apparently a structure that anyone with means in the 21st century can just go around is going to make those perpetrating violence in asylum seekers’ home countries and those exploiting vulnerable people at the border have a change of heart and pack up shop and go home.

In reality, the wall isn’t really that formidable or meaningful of a defense.

Concurrent to all of these issues, even the Justice Department has reportedly warned the White House that their national emergency declaration plans are likely to get shot down in court. Republican Senators including Marco Rubio (Fl.), Rand Paul (Ky.), Lisa Murkowski (Ak.), Pat Roberts (Ks.), and Jerry Moran (Ks.) have all expressed opposition to the move.

The Trump team has shown no sign of letting up with their plans, however. All we’re left with is the disappointment that keeping the government open is the bar we’re reaching for now and not, you know — actually doing something substantive to tangibly help the American people.

Check out Twitter’s response to Rossello…

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