Obama Shows Up Trump Again & Gets Historic New Job That Has Liberals Cheering


Today NBA commissioner Adam Silver dropped an invite to Barack Obama that’s sure to make Donald Trump boil; Silver announced that former President Obama will be involved in an exclusive project to develop a basketball league in Africa. The league will be the NBA’s first one outside of the United States.

Obama is a huge basketball fan and the NBA has been no stranger in showing it’s love and support right back the former president. Obama is also known for his b-ball GAME. There are videos all over YouTube of Obama shooting hoops. Here’s one of them from April 2013 during an Easter Egg Roll event:

Per Bleacher Report, the basketball Africa League will be made up of 12 teams from nine different countries including Angola, Egypt, Nigeria, Morocco, Jenya, South Africa, Rwanda, and Senegal.

Silver stated on the project:

‘As we’ve been talking about this concept over the last several months, there’s been a tremendous reception from several of our NBA team owners.

‘Several of our partners have also expressed an interest to work with us in Africa.’

FIBA (International Basketball Federation) is also assisting with co-running the league and the executive director said earlier today that he’s “excited” to work with the NBA in developing and bringing a league to the continent.

Executive director, Alphonse Bile added:

‘We’re excited to work closely with the NBA to develop and put in a place a professional league like none that we have ever seen in our region before.

‘Through the Basketball Africa League, we can provide the many great clubs and players with the best possible environment to compete for the highest stakes.’

At this time, the former president’s role has not been determined. Nonetheless, it’s an exciting moment in NBA history and one that Obama must be thrilled to be a part of.

Poor Trump– He can add this moment in history some place alongside all of the times he and his family have been disinvited or straight-up asked not to attend.

Featured image via YouTube screenshot.