Rush Limbaugh Goes On Sunday TV & Gets Humiliated In 10 Seconds Flat (VIDEO)


Rush Limbaugh makes his living skating across a stream of vile hatred. He is one of the three people that Donald Trump listened to over and beyond Congress before the commander-in-chief shut down the government for a record 35 days. That makes the ultra-conservative radio host nearly directly responsible for the financial panic of 800,000 government workers and over a million government subcontractors. Still, Limbaugh is a hypocrite.

Fox News Sunday’s host Chris Wallace came after Limbaugh for defending POTUS’ end run around Congress to get the money for his southern border wall. Trump used an executive order to declare a national emergency. Yet, Wallace’s guest criticized President Barack Obama for doing the same.

Wallace gave Limbaugh several examples of the radio host being “outraged” over Obama’s executive actions:

‘I want to ask you about the game you say we play in Washington. Because the fact is when President Obama took executive actions, you were outraged. And as you would expect, I’ve got a couple of examples.’

The Fox host pointed out to Limbaugh an example of when he said Obama was flushing the U.S. Constitution “down the toilet.” That was when 44 deferred the prosecution of DACA or children brought into the country by their parents:

‘I understand that you like what President Trump is doing. And you didn’t like President Obama was doing. But that’s the concern here, is that to the degree that you give the president more and more powers, yes, you are going to get some things — executive powers — from one president you like, but you’re going to get things — executive powers — from another president that you don’t like.’

Limbaugh took a moment to consider before he responded:

‘You may look at it that way. I don’t. I look at it, right and wrong. And what Obama was doing was furthering this existing problem and politicizing this using whatever executive powers he wanted to use.’

Wallace’s guest justified a reason Trump allegedly had for using his executive powers, according to The Orlando Sentinel:

‘We have an emergency. This is an invasion.’

Limbaugh said the media should not focus on him, but the president:

‘If these people in the media really thought that I was telling Trump what to do and when, they’d be calling me, they’d be asking me about it. They’d want to get down to the dirty details. I haven’t had one call.’

The radio show host added something that he advertises on his show, people do not believe the media, yet they believe Limbaugh:

‘It’s just another effort to continue to try to diminish the president — diminished Trump as somebody that doesn’t know what he’s doing, can’t do it without guidance from the so-called wacko right. It’s not at all the way he’s governing, and there isn’t anybody doing what I do that has a thing to do with actually making policy for this president.’

During the show, Limbaugh danced away from the idea that Trump is his puppet:

‘I don’t make policy.’

Then, Rush Limbaugh pushed another idea onto his listeners:

‘Both parties have people that are still trying to get rid of Donald Trump.’

Featured image is a screenshot via Fox News.