United States Chamber Of Commerce Retaliates Against Trump’s Emergency Declaration


Donald Trump would have everyone believe that he’s a great businessman. He wants us to think that “big business” is always in his corner. Sadly that’s far from the truth. For instance the United States Chamber of Commerce doesn’t think much of Trump or the way he’s running roughshod over this country. Friday they even accused him of eroding our system of government by declaring a national emergency because congress won’t give him money for a wall.

Chamber President Thomas Donohue released a statement in which he said

‘We have long fought against attempts by the executive branch to usurp the powers of Congress and to create law, such as we have seen in recent decades with the rise of the regulatory administrative state.’

It’s apparent that the Chamber of Commerce thinks Trump is overstepping the bounds of his office. They understand that we can’t have one single person, the president, creating laws all on his own. They must not think it’s right for Trump to declare an emergency just to build a useless, unneeded wall because their statement went on to say

‘The declaration of national emergency in this instance will create a dangerous precedent that erodes the very system of government that has served us so well for over 200 years.’

‘Instead, we urge the president and members of Congress of both parties to negotiate and find common ground on immigration and border security.’

Trump is sure to be enraged once he finds out that the preeminent business organization in the country thinks he’s killing our democracy. But really what else could they do? Trump won’t listen to common sense from anyone else in the country. His advisers have reportedly told him he shouldn’t be declaring this emergency, as have media pundits, and even the members of his own party in congress. Trump is just a fool that thinks he knows everything. It’s nice that the Chamber of Commerce has called him out for his idiotic declaration.

Featured Image Screenshot via YouTube