Delusional Donald Erupts & Tweets Berserk ‘Witch Hunt!’ Rant Like A Lunatic


Donald Trump is really starting to have a hard time breathing as the Russia investigation gets closer to its conclusion. It’s like he can feel Robert Mueller closing in on him. Today on Twitter he posted a couple of delusional tweets trying to belittle the investigation that’s going to be his downfall.

Wait what??? The as-of-now unindicted co-conspirator thinks the investigation into his alleged crimes is illegal and rigged. The majority of the investigators are Republicans. What makes him think the investigation is rigged…and why does he think it’s illegal? That’s just ludicrous and something that only a guilty person would say. Nearly every major player that surrounded him before and during his election has already been found guilty, or pled guilty, and sent to prison for their plethora of crimes. Some witch hunt Donnie.

He went on during another lie-filled tweet this time with a quote from America’s premier conspiracy theorist, and drug addict, Rush Limbaugh.

What exactly is Mueller covering up? He’s trying to get to the bottom of one of the biggest coverups in our nation’s history. That coverup being how Donald Trump got into the White House with the help of a hostile foreign power. By the way the “Obama intelligence agencies” he’s talking about are the FBI and most likely the CIA too.

Why would Limbaugh think that the FBI and our other intelligence agencies were working specifically for the Obama administration? That’s a very ignorant train of thought. The FBI, the CIA, and every other alphabet agency are working for the safety of the American people period. They don’t spend their work days doing the bidding of the current president. Donald Trump should know that by now.

These Sunday night tweets are nothing but the ramblings of an exceeding guilty looking man who’s really grasping at straws trying to stay out of prison.

The Twitterverse had a field day with Trump’s tweets.

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