Malia Obama’s Secret FB Account Leaked – Info Found Has GOP Shook


It must be difficult to be a president’s child. Imagine having Secret Service follow her around wherever she goes or walking in the spotlight of public opinion all the time. President Barack Obama’s eldest daughter, Malia Obama, has been attacked by the right-wing media for just living her life and having a thought.

A questionable publication The Daily Mail printed two stories supposedly about Malia Obama. Reputable publications leave any president’s children alone — at least until they are out of school. One article claimed the president’s eldest daughter had a secret Trump hating page, and the other claimed she was drinking rose wine.

The right-wing social media jumped upon 44’s daughter like vultures. One tweeted that Malia Obama has TDS (Trump derangement syndrome):


‘Malia Obama has . Who’s surprised?’

Another Obama hater tweeted “they are the evil:”

‘Not surprising- Like “Father” like daughter- These people are sick- They are the evil. …’

This Obama detractor asked the Twitter readers to imagine the “uproar of racism” if “Trump’s kids had anti-Obama pages:”

‘I thought they were talking about Malia Obama pictured drinking alcohol. Sure enough isn’t 21. But…how do you have a “secret” Facebook page for Trump hate? I wonder if she knows her REAL parents. Imagine the uproar of “racism” if one of Trump’s kids had anti Obama pages.’


Of course, there is the question of how The Daily Mail would know if the so-called Malia Obama secret page was actually done by the president’s eldest daughter. Chances are that it was a fake.

Twitter world went crazy. Check out some of our favorites below:

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.