FEC Gives Fox’s Judge Pirro 24Hrs To Repay Campaign Violation Debt


Apparently Mr. Trump isn’t the only person who ran a shady campaign against Hillary Clinton and violated finance laws, not to mention his collusion with Russia.

On Wednesday, it was reported that Fox News host Judge Jeanine Pirro violated some laws as well in relation to her 2006 campaign she ran against incumbent Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY). The Federal Election Commission sent her a letter demanding that she file financial reports and gave her 24 hours to reply.

The letter stated:

‘It is important that you file this report immediately. The failure to timely file a complete report may result in civil money penalties, an audit or legal enforcement action.’

The FEC also asked Pirro to use “overnight delivery or courier service” so they can receive her reports as soon as possible.

Levinthal also pointed out that Pirro hasn’t filed a financial report since 2011. At that time, she acknowledged owing close to $600,000 to 20 different vendors.

Pirro dropped out of the race against Clinton after only four months, which makes the level of campaign debt even harder to fathom. At the time, Pirro was the District Attorney of Westchester County.

According to Newsweek:

‘From a technical standpoint, Pirro’s campaign is still active 13 years on, as the law prohibits candidates from dissolving their campaign committees until all their debts have been repaid or there are plans in place to do so.’

The FEC has sent the Pirro campaign 19 notices, including one in October. FEC guidance states:

‘Committees must file regularly scheduled reports until the Commission notifies them in writing that it has granted their request to terminate.’

The campaign received a warning in October that it could face fines, audit or other law enforcement actions if it did not file the requested financial information.

In the 2011 filing, the committee did not mention any debt repayment in the report. It did include the fact that two of its consultants were cut checks – Bruce Bellmare and Jeffrey Buley.

Both of the individuals have ties to Pirro’s husband, Albert Pirro who is also an attorney. Bellmare was the campaign’s treasurer,  and an attorney at Albert Pirro’s law offices. Buley ran a consulting firm with Albert Pirro.

Here’s what Twitter thought about it:

Pirro praised Trump’s emergency border wall declaration. On Thursday, just before Trump made his official announcement, she wrote:

‘Being a leader means making tough and many times unpopular decisions. This week, we watched a leader declare a national emergency where one was unequivocally and undoubtedly needed.’

She went on to disparage the “fake news left,” saying that the left are lying and saying there is no crisis. In her op-ed, she wrote:

‘But make no mistake, Donald Trump will secure our border. The left are lying to you when they say there is no crisis, that the president is concocting the nation’s immigration emergency. They object to the president’s characterization of the influx as an invasion.’

Pirro continued citing falsities in her article in Donald Trump-fashion even saying:

‘The president is on firm legal ground.’

Featured image is a screenshot from YouTube