Trump Wails Like A Dirty Diaper Toddler To Reporters During Official Meeting


No stranger to attacking Washington D.C.’s truth-tellers, in particular, anyone who has even a slight criticism about him, Trump has been hell-bent on shooting zingers at former FBI Director Andrew McCabe this past week.

Today, Trump referred to McCabe as a “poor man’s J. Edgar Hoover” during comments made to reporters amidst a meeting with chancellor or Austria.

The juvenile commentary usually has a pretext. In this incidence, it because McCabe has been a busy guy, following the release of his new tell-all book, The Threat, which spills the tea about the Trump administration. In particular, the book discusses in great detail how the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) handles its day to day operations in protecting the country and how that is even possible under Trump, who is shrouded in legal issues himself.

‘I think Andrew McCabe has made a fool out of himself over the last couple of days.

‘He really looks to me like a poor man’s J. Edgar Hoover.’

On McCabe’s book The Threat, Trump said:

‘I think it’s a disaster.’

One thing that’s not a “disaster?” The amount of copies the book has sold. Per CNN:

‘Andrew McCabe’s “The Threat” reached No. 1 on Amazon’s best selling books list on Monday, one day before its official release. “The Threat” bumped Michelle Obama’s book “Becoming,” which has been at the top of the chart almost every day since it came out last November.

‘Sales have been fueled by McCabe’s interview on “60 Minutes,” excerpts published by numerous news outlets, and a controversy over his criticism of President Donald Trump. It is just the latest in a long line of books to benefit from interest and fears about the Trump presidency.’

When Trump was asked about comparing McCabe to Hoover, he said “I think it’s a disaster. And what he was trying to do was terrible. And he was caught. I’m proud to say we caught him.” Wow, “we?”

Remember, at one point Trump stated that the people working within the FBI are “some of the finest people you’ll ever meet.” My, how quickly the tides change for Trump.

The reality of the matter and the reason behind Trump’s McCabe attacks are likely because McCabe recently stated publicly that “it’s possible” Trump is a Russian asset and has spit out harsh words about Trump’s “undermining the role of law enforcement.”

Being the most desperate, opportunity-seeking administration in history, the Trump administration have seized on McCabe’s comments, in an attempt to further their ‘deep state’ conspiracy talking points, including using McCabe’s comments as proof that the FBI is biased.

Featured image via YouTube screenshot.