Dems Hits GOP With Bill To End Electoral College After Trump Win Failure


Democrats are certainly getting tired of having their presidential candidates garner more votes, but losing the election because of our broken electoral college system. Democratic presidential candidates have garnered more votes in 6 of the past 7 elections, but only won the office 4 times.That should never happen, and the state of Colorado is trying to change things to a more fair system. Their legislature recently voted to give the state’s nine electoral college votes to the winner of the popular vote, and the bill is on the way to the governor’s desk.

The Denver Channel just reported that The National Popular Vote bill passed the House Thursday morning by a vote of 34-29, and is expected to be signed into law by Governor Jared Polis (D). National Popular Vote Interstate Pact is an agreement between 11 states and the District of Columbia (Washington D.C.), and would only go into effect if the states that join the pact have Electoral College votes that total 270.

Democratic Rep. Emily Sirota told the Denver Channel

‘This bill has the potential to help Americans believe that their vote matters whether you’re a rural, urban or suburban voter — through this bill every vote counts equally.’

Sadly we’re going to need more states to join the pact though, because with Colorado’s nine votes added to the other pact member’s votes, they’re only at a total of 172. But they’re on the right track. The pact members know that the majority of the people are tired of having a president that does not represent them.

Especially a president like Trump who openly attacks them and definitely does not have their best interests at heart. The United States is supposed to be a representative democracy, and because of a broken election system we’re no longer that. We all need to pressure our state legislatures to sign on to the National Popular Vote Interstate Pact.

Featured Image Screenshot via YouTube