GOP Official & Repeat-Offending Scumbag Arrested For Shooting At Cops


Port Richey Florida’s major, Dale Massad is in hot water again today, and while police knew what they could potentially be dealing with, they were shocked with his actions this afternoon.

At the conclusion of a month’s long investigation into the mayor, police and SWAT moved in to make their arrest at the mayor’s home. During a four-month investigation, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement determined that Dale Massad had been practicing medicine without a license since 1992. That year, Massad lost his license when a 3-year-old patient of his died.

Massad used a .40-caliber handgun when SWAT team members busted down his door to make an arrest today in Port Richey, a part of Pasco County, where he lives and often times illegally practiced medicine and saw patients.

‘The suspect has been arrested. He shot at our members. He’s lucky he’s not dead.’

A witness to the SWAT bust who lives next door, Cindy Stark recalls the moment:

‘I did hear what I thought it was a gun shot. I seen [sic] the commotion. Was wondering what was going on.’

The disgraced mayor and fraudulent doctor has a long history of breaking the law, from suspected drug use to and domestic violence cases against him. Just look at this unearthed clip from six months ago, in an incident that is unrelated to today’s situation:

Sheriff Nocco of Port Richey describes Massad as a “wolf in sheep’s clothing” and also stated:

‘This suspect is a known drug user. This suspect had multiple weapons in their house, which is prevelant with what happened. This suspect made statements, he does not want to go back to jail. This suspect has a previous history of violence. That’s who we were dealing with today.

‘I used to be up in DC area. They had Marion Barry up there. I mean this is Port Richey’s version. I mean an individual that you wouldn’t believe would be in office and this is what happens.’

In addition to the original charges they sought against Massad, now he is facing charges of attempted homicide. He can add that to his collection of sexual assault and domestic violence claims and owning a handgun that was used in a 2009 suicide. This guy is just the worst of the worst, real scum. Hopefully, today’s events and his previous record conclude that he’ll be locked away for a very long time.

As it stands, he is being held in the Pasco County jail without bail.

Featured image via YouTube screenshot.