‘The New Yorker’ Reveals Their Next New Cover & It’s Absolutely Perfect


Mr. Trump is now facing mounting legal challenges after he declared a national emergency last Friday in order to obtain the funding for his wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. In mocking fashion, The New Yorker released the cover for their March 4 issue.

The magazine cover shows Trump standing on top of the White House holding up a sign that says “Finish Wall,” as his long red tie dangles in the wind.

Barry Blitt has a way of ironically pointing out in his cover illustration that “the real emergency” is that we have an incompetent, narcissistic, lying buffoon as president of the United States. The man in the Oval Office completely disregards facts which would lend themselves to the true emergencies happening in our nation.

In Blitt’s caricature, Trump finds no shelter from the raging storm and in fact, seems not to notice it at all. The president doesn’t notice the real catastrophic issues facing many Americans and how they affect the rest of the world. His severe ignorance and acute narcissism handicaps him to the point that he has become a raging lunatic.

Blitt told Francoise Mouly of The New Yorker:

‘It seems like our President is pouring his energies (such as they are) into a fake emergency, while denying the existence of a potentially catastrophic crisis like climate change.’

In November, the government released their own report on climate change and the results, which corroborated the U.N’s findings, were devastating. However, Trump responded that he didn’t believe it.

Twitter users were quick to give their opinions on the new cover:

Webp.net-resizeimage145 'The New Yorker' Reveals Their Next New Cover & It's Absolutely Perfect Corruption Donald Trump Environment Gun Control Healthcare Immigration Politics Social Media Top Stories Videos

Webp.net-resizeimage146 'The New Yorker' Reveals Their Next New Cover & It's Absolutely Perfect Corruption Donald Trump Environment Gun Control Healthcare Immigration Politics Social Media Top Stories Videos

The real emergencies Mr. Trump should be focusing on include climate change, gun control, and healthcare. All of the available facts surrounding those issues should demand immediate action but Trump completely disregards them like yesterday’s trash.

Jonathan Bernstein points out that “presidents who act alone by giving orders usually do so out of weakness — and their unilateral actions tend to weaken them further.”

An editorial in The New York Times asks:

‘From bypassing Congress to try to fund a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border, to accusing administration officials of treason, is Donald Trump America’s national emergency?’

In the piece, Michelle Goldberg points out that Mr. Trump’s emergency declaration and disregard for legal process encompassed with a racist lie has turned up the heat on authoritarianism in this country.

Indeed, that is what it is all about- staunch authoritarianism. Trump is going to get what he wants when he wants it no matter the cost. He admitted himself that his emergency declaration was not really an emergency. He just wanted to do it his way.

Jonathan Bernstein sums up his opinion piece with this:

‘Trump’s approval rating may hold up even so. But one obvious conclusion to draw from this saga is that his preoccupation with pleasing his strongest supporters is foolish. They didn’t give up on him when he surrendered after the shutdown, and they wouldn’t have given up on him if he’d just signed the funding bill and moved on, wall or no wall. The problem is that those supporters won’t be enough to get him reelected, just as they weren’t enough to avoid big Democratic gains in 2018.’

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