Federal Judge Hits Roger Stone Where It Hurts (DETAILS)


The judge presiding over Roger Stone’s case ripped into him about over his Instagram post of a photo of her, with a crosshair symbol near her head.

U.S. District Court Judge Amy Berman Jackson had this to say, per Vox‘s senior political correspondent Andrew Prokop, who was present:

‘you don’t even have to look at the papers beyond today to know that inciting extremists to violent action is a possibility.

Judge Berman Jackson continued:

‘Roger Stone fully understands the power of words and the power of symbols And there’s nothing ambiguous about crosshairs.’

The judge also seemed to allude and directly related Roger Stone to Christopher Hasson, who was recently revealed as a separated Coast Guard lieutenant, and accused of white supremacy and plotting an attack on prominent Democrats, regular civilians, and the news media. In a separate high-profile case today, the judge presiding over Hasson’s case denied his bail.

The judge today ordered a strict gag order against Stone that takes away one his most-prized assets and one that constantly gets him in the spotlight: his mouth. He is now barred from posting on any social media platforms and has been ordered not to appear for any public appearances, including on television.

In part, Stone said of his Instagram post “I am hurtfully sorry for my own stupidity. it was an egregious, stupid mistake.” He also stated to the judge:

‘It was thoughtless.

‘i am kicking myself not as much as my wife is kicking me.

‘i let myself down, my family down, my attorneys down. it was a momentary lapse of judgement. i heard political commentators talking about the likelihood that i’ll be raped in prison. it’s been a stressful situation.

‘My consulting business has dried up. I’ve exhausted my savings. I’m being treated for emotional distress. I’m having a hard time putting food on the table and making rent.

‘I honestly didn’t believe” the image next to Jackson’s face “were crosshairs.”

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The judge also had this to say today:

‘Roger Stone fully understands the power of words and the power of symbols. In this age of social media there’s really no such thing as a takeback.

‘Publicity cannot subside if it’s the defendant that’s fanning the flames. I’m not convinced that Mr. Stone is all talk and no action.

‘So no, Mr. Stone, I’m not giving you another chance. I have serious doubts on whether you learned any lesson at all.’

On February 15, Judge Berman Jackson placed a partial gag order on Stone that limited what he and his lawyers could say publically about the criminal case from special counsel Robert Mueller in relation to the Russia probe.

The gag order today is the second one that Stone is facing in just one week.

Featured image via YouTube screenshot.