Former Fox News Contributor Accused Of Sexual Assault


The “#MeToo” movement keeps spreading. Via lawsuits that three of his victims have filed, it’s now come out that prominent New England psychiatrist Dr. Keith Ablow has carried on with sexual abuse of his clients for years.

The victims describe the doctor luring them into relationships with various promises like discounts on Ketamine to treat depression, connections to someone in the music industry who could get them ahead how they wanted, and job interviews. In the end, they explain, it was always the same, with the doctor pressuring them into abusive sexual encounters, often during “therapy sessions” that they were billed for. When one woman expressed concern about her ability to actually pay, Ablow reportedly suggested she take up stripping or escort work.

The women who’ve sued Ablow over his behavior came from across the country, including Ohio, Minnesota, and New York. He pressured each one of them to move closer to him, although each one of them eventually broke off their relationship with him — although not before one of them (the woman from New York) got a tattoo with the doctor’s initials to symbolize how he “owned” her. He tried to get at least one other victim to get a tattoo as well, but she refused.

The abusive behavior spread well beyond even that point. During sexual encounters, the victim from Ohio says Ablow would beat her with a belt.

She explains that eventually:

‘I decided that I couldn’t allow myself to be groped and used sexually and otherwise, or to feel emotionally dead inside in exchange for prescriptions, even if I felt like I needed them, so I stopped seeing him.’

That’s not where it ended for the women. The Ohio woman says that she suffers from a recurring nightmare in which Ablow chases her with a gun. Even more substantively, the woman from Minnesota has faced harassment via the legal system from Ablow after she broke off their relationship. He claimed that he would be getting in touch with his lawyers over the woman, who he baselessly asserted trespassed on his property and was “negligent.” She was the first of the so-far three emerged victims to file a malpractice lawsuit, putting hers in last year. The other two women filed theirs in New York court this past Thursday.

In response to the new lawsuits and scrutiny, Ablow asserted that he “categorically, completely” denies the allegations against him.

He has attracted scrutiny before, thanks to his conservative political views that he took to the point of asserting on Fox that former President Barack Obama had “abandonment issues” and preferred Africa to the United States. Although he’s not a medical doctor, he also asserted in the same context that Michelle Obama should lose some weight before he stopped appearing on Fox in 2017.

It’s not the first time a current or former Fox host has been accused of sexual misconduct. Longtime host Bill O’Reilly faced similar allegations and eventually had his show booted. The network serves as another chapter in the story of men in positions of power abusing the women around them.

Featured Image via YouTube screenshot