Reporter Asks Trump About NC Election Fraud Case & It Gets Awkward Fast


Donald Trump just loves his conspiracy theories…especially the ones he makes up. Apparently he doesn’t realize just how foolish he looks once facts prove him wrong. Today he was again on the conspiracy train talking about fake voter fraud in California and Florida, when a reporter asked him about the very real voter fraud committed in North Carolina by Republicans. He talked over her and continued railing on about the fake cases he’s been pushing and made himself just look ridiculous. But she got her point across that Republicans are indeed the party that cheats at elections.

The case she was talking about happened in the 9th district in North Carolina. The Republican in the race, Mark Harris, got caught hiring a sleazy operative to mess with the absentee ballots in the race. Even though there was obvious fraud committed in the race, the Republican Party of North Carolina, and candidate Harris kept pressing the Board of Elections to certify the race in Harris’ favor.

Fortunately there was a hearing on the case and the Board didn’t listen to the Republicans and called for a new election instead. Hell even Harris’ own son testified against his dad in the hearing, saying that he had warned him that the consultant he hired was dirty. The Board called for a new election which certainly pissed off Donald Trump.

He really doesn’t mind election fraud as long as it’s committed by Republicans, no matter what he says. Even he had been calling for the North Carolina Board of Elections to certify the fraudulent race. He must have been really pissed that a woman reporter, no less, was calling him out for pushing fake voter fraud, while ignoring the very real fraud perpetrated in North Carolina. Everyone could see that Republicans got caught cheating again and Trump seemed to be pushing it under the rug, and she didn’t let him get away with it.

Featured Image Screenshot via YouTube