Trump Admin’s War On Women’s Rights Just Crossed A Line


Anyone who says that the Trump administration doesn’t have an ongoing War on Women is lying.

In a gut-punching move today by the administration, family clinics that provide abortions or refer patients for abortions will not be eligible for certain federal funds. This comes in the form of a new rule that was finalized by the Trump administration today.

The ACLU, or American Civil Liberties Union, was quick to jump on to this news. They tweeted shortly after the news broke:

Under the new rules in addition to what’s mentioned above, clinics will also not be allowed to give women referrals to other facilities, promote or even speak of abortion as an option and method of family planning. This is clearly not only an attack on women’s reproductive rights, but also on family planning freedoms, of which should be private and decided discretely. It is cruel and preposterous that an administration feels they have the right to interject themselves into such a personal matter.

The move comes as a means to partially defund Planned Parenthood, which currently serves about 40 percent of Title X patients.

Per Politico:

‘While the revamp of the Title X program does not accomplish the full defunding of Planned Parenthood that Republicans have called for, it is a major step in that direction, and marks another major policy win for social conservatives looking to prohibit access to abortion.’

While the new ruling isn’t completely finalized, it will go into full effect after 60 days have passed from its publication in the federal register, which could happen in as soon as just a few days. You can read the full final ruling by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), here.

All may not be lost, however. Many are coming forward to oppose the move. The president and CEO of the National Family Planning and Reproductive Health Association, Clare Coleman, was quick to rose the prospect of a lawsuit to stop the Trump administration. She said, in part:

‘This rule intentionally strikes at the heart of the patient-provider relationship, inserting political ideology into a family planning visit, which will frustrate and ultimately discourage patients from seeking the health care they need.’

In addition to being an attack on family planning and women’s rights, this is also another example of Trump’s attack on low and middle-class Americans. By cutting into funds for Planned Parenthood, what actually happens is 41 percent of a total of 4 million low-income people would suffer. Most of which are black and younger Americans, under 30 years old, who rely on Title X funds for their reproductive health.

House Democrats released a strong statement on February 15, against the “unconventional and nontransparent” review process for the rule, which they add “undermines family planning.”

You can view the full letter here. An excerpt from the letter reads:

‘HHS also failed to account for the rule’s negative health impacts on the disadvantaged populations served by Title X.[9]  In its official comment, the American Medical Association stated that the rule would “dangerously interfere with the patient-physician relationship and conflict with physicians’ ethical obligations, exclude qualified providers, and jeopardize public health.”.’

Featured image via YouTube screenshot.