Pelosi Goes Full Badass On Trump Like A National Treasure


Nancy Pelosi is probably the president’s least favorite person in the world right now, and even though he doesn’t shoot out his typical personal attacks, The Donald has serious contempt for the new Speaker of the House. The nation wasn’t sure Pelosi had enough energy to combat the president and his team of crooked men, but she has done a very good job of proving everyone wrong.

Nancy has taken the president to task at every turn, even issuing responses to pretty much every lie he tells, which has to be exhausting The same can be said about her Twitter account, which has become a very popular place for liberals to hang out. Check out what Nancy said Friday morning:

People responding to Pelosi’s tweet were mostly in agreement that the president’s fake national emergency is a complete fabrication for the purpose of getting funding for his useless border wall that experts agree will not stop illegal immigration or drug smuggling.

Check out the best reactions to Pelosi’s tweet below: