Republicans Just Turned Their Backs On Trump In Historic Flip


The president’s fake national emergency doesn’t seem to be holding water, even with Republicans, according to Lindsey Graham, who begrudgingly admitted that a handful of Republicans will be voting with Democrats to put an end to the hoax the president concocted in order to get funding for the border wall he’s been promising his uneducated, racist followers.

Graham said this Friday morning when asked how many members of the GOP would be voting against the president:

“A handful. …[But] there will be enough to sustain a veto.”

Graham didn’t give a specific number of Republicans turning their backs on Trump, but this is certainly something worth noticing. Republicans are standing up in record numbers to rebuke their president’s ridiculous con-job to get money.

Graham was pretty angry about the notion of having the nation’s best interest at heart rather than their party’s. He added:

“I hope Republicans will not reward this, quite frankly.”

The House is scheduled to hold a vote to block Trump’s attempts on Tuesday, and all week, officials have been announcing plans to stop the president from making a mockery out of the country’s emergency system.

Chuck Schumer said this about the uprising on Thursday:

“Identical companion legislation to the House resolution will soon be introduced in the Senate.”

He added:

“If the president’s emergency declaration prevails, it will fundamentally change the balance of powers in a way our country’s founders never envisioned. That should be a serious wake up call to senators in both parties who believe in the constitutional responsibility of Congress to limit an overreaching executive.”

“This issue transcends partisan politics, and I urge all senators — Democrats and Republicans — to support this resolution to terminate the president’s emergency declaration when it comes up for a vote in the Senate.”

Multiple Republicans have come out to say that the president is wrong in what he’s doing, and that they will back a block resolution if they agree with the contents of it.